Ready made meals

 by Nutritionist 

Miss Gigi’s Organic Kitchen is an Australian-owned business based in Byron Bay.

We are committed on creating  organic & healthy food  that enhance your life in a positively delicious and healthy way.

We take all the bad stuff out and put the good stuff in. Making Miss Gigi’s creations  as decadent, delicious and satisfying as they are nutritious. 

" Nature does a really good job so we decided not to mess with it"

We work with nature, not against it to bring you the healthiest alternative ingredients when it comes to craving your favourite dishes.  This means all of our products are locally sourced and created primarily from certified organic ingredients

If you are searching for a healthier, convenient, ready-to-eat meals, our range of delicious  meals are the perfect option for you. 


Eating healthy has never been easier