About Gisele 

Gisele Zylbersztajn is a qualified nutritionist originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and   currently living in Byron Bay. Growing up on the beach and enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle, Gisele discovered her immense passion for food and nutrition.


Cooking has always been part of Gisele's life. She  grew up in a household where homemade food, using basic ingredients and cooking “from scratch” was a tradition. Her  mum and grandma would gather food from the markets, backyard garden, and from local producers, and cooked mostly with what was in season and locally grown.  

After graduating with a Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and 5 years of working as a chef, Gisele realised many people didn't have time or knowledge to consistently create time-saving, healthy meals. This experience, coupled with Gisele's desire to help people and families eat and live well, inspired the vision of Miss Gigi's Pre Made Meals. 



Philosophy & Quality 

With a background in Nutrition, an inquisitive respect for nature and a passion for making nutritious and healthy food, Gisele began creating delicious food that is primarily sourced from local growers and Certified Organic ingredients.


Miss Gigi’s goal is to deliver high-quality ready-made meals  from sustainable produce, creating happiness for our customers and supporting healthier local communities in the process.


Miss Gigi offers a much-desired  alternative for people seeking nutritious meals.

Indulge carelessly knowing all our ingredients are FREE from:

Refined Sugar

Refined Flour

Industrialised vegetable & Seed oil

Emulsifiers, additives and preservatives

Unfiltered Water

Fillers & thickeners